“Janice” The Orphan of Maguad Family Went Missing for 8 Years, Says Netizens

The online community has shared several informations from “Janice” the orphan of the Maguad family and lone survivor of the Maguad siblings’ murder.

The case of the two Maguad family members in North Cotabato has gone viral on social media today. The Maguad siblings were found lifeless, but the woman they had adopted had survived the crime.

Janice Maguad Family Orphan

Janice, the Maguad family’s adopted daughter, is the only survivor of the heinous tragedy that took place in their home. According to accounts, Janice managed to flee and hide from three suspected guys who broke into their home for the purpose of stealing and murdering their two siblings.

However, because Janice exhibits odd behavior and makes dubious remarks, netizens believe she is behind the Maguad siblings’ crime. She drew the attention of the internet community, and they learned a lot about her.

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Some netizens discovered that Janice was still missing in 2013 through social media posts. Mamai Abalde, a netizen, claimed to have seen Janice alone and aboard a ship on September 22, 2013.

Janice Maguad Family Orphan

Michelle and Juanito Sebial were Janice’s parents’ names. It’s unclear whether Janice was abandoned by her parents or if she was truly lost. The post has gotten lost in the shuffle over the years.

However, it has lately reappeared on social media due to her survival from the purported intrusion of three unidentified guys into the Maguad family’s home. Crizzle Gwen, 18, and Crizzule Louis, 16, were identified as the victims.

Janice even tweeted about the incident on social media while it was happening. However, many internet users are questioning whether Janice is truly innocent. The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Region 7 released a statement condemning the public distribution of Janice’s photo.

The event is still being examined by the DSWD, and Janice is legally protected. Janice is now a person of interest as well as a material witness to the events.

Some internet users came to the conclusion that Janice is going through something and needs assistance. People were split on whether or not the adopted Maguad family killed two of their own members.

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