Leni Robredo: Political Blogger Writes Open Letter Urging VP To Change Strategy

A netizen wrote this open letter to VP Leni Robredo

Vice President Leni Robredo, who is running for president, is being urged by a political blogger to change her political strategy for the 2022 elections.

Twitter user @sejoalzir under the name Miyako Izabel, wrote an open letter. The political blogger, who also wrote “writer and independent publisher,” “social media activist”, “existentialist and public anthropologist” under the account’s “bio”, said that she also did this in 2015 when Mar Roxas was running for president.

leni robredo
📷: Philippine Star

The netizen said that she tried to convince the camp of Roxas to change the strategy but what she got was an attack from the supporters of the politician. However, this time, Miyako said that she will not be silent anymore.

In her lengthy Twitter thread, she explained why the “radical love”, which is very eminent in Leni Robredo’s campaign, will no longer work in the “era of social media, fake news, performative communications, and mass disinformation.”

The netizen also cited examples from the situation that happened in the 2019 Indian elections and the strategy that former U.S. President Barrack Obama did. In those elections, the politician who became successful were those who did “counter-attacks”.

“Even good, righteous leaders become sinners when they campaign and govern like saints after they win,” Miyako stressed. She also pointed out that what happened to Roxas almost six years ago should be a lesson now.

“We should learn from Roxas’ blunders in 2016. Because he believed in “disente” and “tuwid na daan”, he and his supporters didn’t attack Duterte’s “3 to 6 months” and counter the fabricated images and narratives unleashed by DDS,” the political blogger said.

Then, she suggested that VP Leni Robredo should allow the “Pink Movement” to attack and counter-attack. “Separate yourself from that political aggression. Let that movement organize a Lincoln Project or [Midas] Touch. Focus on policies and reforms. Your image should be of strength. After all, you are our hope,” she said.

The political blogger added that the presidential aspirant should be talking about “corruption, cronyism, economic crisis, Chinese puppetry, mass hunger, ballooning poverty, etc.” and not just highlighting the “radical love and calm positivity”.

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1 thought on “Leni Robredo: Political Blogger Writes Open Letter Urging VP To Change Strategy”

  1. THe suggestion is valid, however It could also B3 Deceptive advise. The True leader follows God’s Righteousness. We need not become sinner to gain the majority vote, & then do the righteousness…why NoT do it out of Sin, and contine what has been started right. ROBREDO is not like of other Presidential hopeful. She can counter all issues in the right forum at the right time.


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