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Buff, Muscular Animals Are Byproduct Of This Rare Condition

MUSCULAR ANIMALS – Chances are you’d already seen photos of buff animals on the internet. But, what exactly causes this to happen?

Most would probably see photos of a buff cat or dog, share them with their friends, and move on. However, are these animals just blessed with the best evolutionary genes?

Along with this, you might also ask what you could do to get your pet as buff as those you see online. Unfortunately, the answer really isn’t in the diet, but in genetics.

Buff Animals Are Caused By This Rare Condition

According to an article from Unilad, these buff pets are suffering from Myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy. Among the most viral photos of this was a buff cat looking outside the window.

Cat Suffers From Rare Condition That Makes Animals Stack On Loads Of Muscle


As per the article, the conditions make it so the animals continue to build muscle. But, more often than not, the muscle build-up is unintentional.

Myostatin is a protein in our bodies that prevents muscle cell growth. And, most bodies are made of signals that tell the system to grow or prevent muscles from growing.

It’s because of this balance that keeps bodies looking “normal”. Still, there are some deficiencies with this protein that cause muscles to pile up leading to that “buff” look.

Among the animals that could get this condition are sheep, cats, dogs, and even humans. Unfortunately, having more muscles could lead to serious health issues for some animals.

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