Video of Heartless Guy Scratching Motorcycle of His Alleged “Mayabang” Friend Earns Criticisms

The video of a heartless guy scratching the motorcycle of his alleged “Mayabang” friend elicits comments from the netizens.

The Facebook page “DownShiftVinci” has shared the video footage of a guy scratching his alleged ‘mayabang’ friend. The video quickly circulates online and garnered various reactions from the social media users.

In the video, the motorcycle owner left and parked his motorcycle at the garage of his ‘Tropa’ to attend something. After leaving his motorcycle, the group started to plan and pull a prank to their alleged ‘mayabang’ friend.

Heartless Guy

One of the guys picked up a rock and started to scratch the motorcycle’s fairings. The bike suffered a lot of dents and scratches due to the incident. A young lady tried to stop the culprit but he seems to unstoppable and added some scratches.

The culprit immediately hide himself after making his not funny prank. The group waited for the owner to arrive to witness an intense scene.

After a few moments, the owner arrived and quickly noticed the dents and scratches on his motorcycle. The owner tried to ask the group regarding the incident but they kept on pointing at each other.

The owner chased his friend responsible for the damage but the latter quickly run away and escaped. In the end of the video, the furious guy caught the guy filming the incident.

Heartless Guy

Here is the full post:


Nayabangan kaya ginasgasan

Akala ko prank lang…

Anong gagawin nyo kung ganito gawin sa motor nyo?

Hindi porket “Tropa” mo na eh ok lang yung ganitong gawain. THIS IS NEVER AN “OK” kaya choose your “Friends” wisely

P.S. Hindi ko po kilala personaly yung mga nasa video…

CTTO: Team Asmal

The online community expressed their reactions to the incident:

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