CSC Says Gov’t Employees Experiencing Vaccine Side Effect may file leave

CSC Speaks on Allowable Absences for Gov’t Employees over COVID-19 Vaccination

CSC – The Civil Service Commission said that government employees who experience side effects of the COVID-19 may file a leave from work.

The Philippines is still amidst a tough fight against the COVID-19 pandemic now. According to the Department of Health (DOH), it cannot yet be announced that the pandemic is controlled as there were previous instances when the cases decreased and went up again after some time.

The government and the health authorities continue to encourage the public to get vaccinated against the virus. The target is to vaccinate at least 70 million people to achieve population protection against the virus.

In the government, the employees are allowed to file a leave from work on the day of the vaccination. Based on a recent report on ABS-CBN News, workers are also allowed to file a leave if they experience side effects from the vaccination.

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According to the report, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) said that government employees may file a leave from three (3) to fifteen (15) days depending on the severity of the side effects. Civil Service Commissioner Aileen Lizada said that it is aside from the allowed leave from work for the vaccination day.

Lizada expressed that if the side effects are serious like hospitalization or the reaction requires treatment, up to 15 days of maximum leave from work may be filed by an employee. It will be considered as an “excused absence” and must not be deducted from the leave credits of the worker.

The employee has to file for an application for leave and submit a copy of the vaccination card and a medical certificate or clinical abstract that shows the diagnosis, the management done, and the number of days needed.

Based on the report, for mild side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine which may include feeling unwell, tenderness, and pain, CSC said that an employee may be allowed to leave from work and recuperate for three (3) calendar days.

In the said case, the employee must file an application for leave and present the vaccination card and the medical certificate signed by the attending physician from the vaccination center or facility where he or she was observed. It must not be deducted from the worker’s leave credits.

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