Man Poops In Train, Tries To Frame Popular Stray Dog Caught On CCTV

Man Attempts To Frame Popular Stray Dog As He Poops Inside Train

MAN POOPS IN TRAIN – A man who carried with him a hot steaming pile of poop tried to frame a famous stray dog in Istanbul.

Recently, a Turkish man tried to frame a dog named Boji, a stray who had become a local celebrity. According to police reports, the man carried poop inside his pocket and placed it in one of the seats of the train.

Currently, the man’s identity is still unknown. Police stated that the man dropped his baggage on November 19. However, officials confirmed that Boji was in a shelter on that day.

Man Poops In Train, Tries To Frame Popular Stray Dog Caught On CCTV

But, local media spread the news and blamed Boji for the deed. Meanwhile, when looking at the social media accounts sharing the post, they heavily supported the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

The Istanbul Municipality’s dog BOJİ pooped on a tramway“, said one of the social media accounts. Now, netizens are saying politicians are attacking the dog made famous by opposing parties.

Based on an article from Duvarenglish, the AKP suffered a major loss in the local elections in 2019. Since then, the AKP has created constant efforts to defame Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu.

But, where does Boji the dog fit into all of this?

As per the article, Boji made headlines in years past as he travels around Instanbul using public transport. Additionally, Instanbul Municipality officials also recorded Boji’s trips using a microchip.

Now, locals are banding together to ensure that Boji is free from harm. Moreover, he called out to the municipality to ensure Boji is safe from those who want to hurt him.

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