Joyride Rider Inviting Female Passenger to Hotel With Him Goes Viral

Joyride Rider Insisting Female Passenger to Go to Hotel Elicit Reactions Online

Video footage showing a Joyride rider insisting to the female passenger to go to the hotel earned elicited reactions from the online community.

Due to the high traffic and overcrowding of cars in Metro Manila, ride-hailing services or motorcycle taxis are the most convenient mode of public transportation. It is quite popular among Filipino commuters because it is the quickest way to get to your destination.

Joyride Rider Hotel

Meanwhile, a worried Facebook user posted a video of a motorcycle taxi driver allegedly harassing his female customer. According to the footage, a male ride-hailing Joyride rider requested his passenger to go to a hotel.

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However, the lady, who appears to be annoyed by his offer, giggles, and declines. The Joyride driver, on the other hand, continues to suggest that the passenger should go with him to the hotel for only 30 minutes.

Even though the lady passenger pretended to be well, she refused and urged the driver to just dop her off because her departure was already near. However, the rider went on to remark that he should have invited the passenger when she was still a long way away.

The passenger, who appears to be terrified, sits quietly and continues filming until she reaches her destination. Meanwhile, since the video has gone viral, it has received criticism and elicited reactions from the online community.

The ride-hailing rider was lambasted by netizens, who claimed that his actions were a form of harassment directed towards women. Netizens chastise him for his lewdness in asking a female passenger he does not know. Netizens are likewise concerned about the traveler.

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