Ryan Agoncillo “Stories For Lucho” That Will Warm Your Hearts

“Stories For Lucho” by Ryan Agoncillo that will melt you.

RYAN AGONCILLO – For Lucho, Ryan Agoncillo penned these stories where he can actually pick up a life lesson which he can, later on, use to his.

Lucho is the only son and second child of married couple Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo. In a previous article, many people gushed about the recent photo posted by Ryan on IG. It was taken by their youngest Luna and the caption is a story for Lucho sharing to him why he and his mother are a perfect match.


The photo captured one of the most random moments of the couple where Juday was curled up on his lap for some cuddles while his arms were around her preventing her from falling off from that position. But this is not just the only story Ryan has written for his only son. There were more and it tells about a lot of things where Lucho can pick up life lessons from.

The stories were about their victories, their failures, love, family, being a man, how to treat a woman right, how much he loves his mother, and many more.

Check out some stories for Lucho below:

The story on how they made their dreams come true and bigger than how they have dreamed for it to be.


Who else would want the title if you already got the queen, anyway?


Ryan low-key tells Lucho the real essence of home and the real feeling of being at home.


How did you get the girl? – “…just remember, when all else fails, keep them laughing and the sun keeps shining.”


The littlest of things has the biggest impact. And for Lucho, this is how Ryan knew he finally got “the one”.


“I won’t spill a drop i promise you. lying under this spell you cast on me.”


The random reason that tells so much about their marriage and this is why they are a perfect match for each other.



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