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Korean Workers Dress In “Squid Game Costumes” And Took To The Streets

KOREAN WORKERS RALLY – Thousands of union workers from South Korea dress up in Squid Game costumes and took to the streets.

The popular Netflix series has seemingly evolved into a symbol and not just another hit show. Much like the events in the show, the workers wanted “job security” from the government.

In the show, a secret organization composed of the elite rich pitted financially ruined members of society in a game to the death. All of the contestants had different backgrounds, however, the one thing they did have in common was a lack of financial security.

Korean Workers Dress In "Squid Game" Costume To Call For Better Rights

Although viewed in an extremely graphic way, the events of the Squid Game echoes throughout the modern-day world. As such, millions of people relate to the plight the characters had to go through.

Because of this symbolism, around 80,000 members of the South Korean Confederation of Trade Unions in 13 different cities banded together and went on a strike.

According to a report from Insider Korea, the workers demanded better working conditions, especially for irregular workers. Furthermore, they wanted the government to impose a minimum wage hike.

In the city of Seoul, around 27,000 workers gathered to protest the abysmal working conditions. Due to this, police were forced to deploy 12,000 officers and set up a “bus wall” to control the massive crowd.

Some of the people who joined the rally were asked why they chose to go in Squid Game costume. Most of them said that the events in Squid Game really hit close to home.

Based on an article published in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, South Korean “workers work 44.6 h per week on average, higher than the number of average weekly working hours (32.8) in OECD member nations“.

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