Young Boy Raps Inside Jeepney to Earn Money, Netizens Gets Moved by His Lyrics

Young Boy Raps Inside Jeepney to Earn Money, Netizens Gets Moved by His Lyrics

The video footage of a young boy rapping inside the jeepney just to earn money touched the hearts of the online community.

A netizen named Jomar Dungo has shared the video footage of a young rapper singing a heartbreaking song inside of a public jeepney. The video immediately spread like a wildfire online and garnered various reactions from the netizens.

In the video, it can be seen that a young boy entered a public jeepney to ask alms from the passengers. The kid started to sing a rap song and used his hand to make a beat to accompany his song.

Young Boy

After a few moments, the passengers have gathered money and probably give it to the young rapper. The passengers got moved after hearing the heartbreaking lyrics of the song, which reflects to the life of less-fortunate kids.

Dungo has decided to film the boy for his unique talent expressing the agony he is experiencing despite his young age due to poverty. He first uploaded the video in December 2020 but reposted it again.

The heartbreaking rap song has been composed by the leader of rap artist “MP Harmony” Simon Ortiz Bambao. At first, the song is not popular and just neglected by most people in the community but quickly rose to fame due to the viral video.

Bambao also said that his group has already stopped composing songs but got an inspiration to pursue their career after watching the young boy’s video.

Unfortunately, no one could identify and locate the kid. The public are still trying to find the viral boy.

The netizens comment to the video:

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