Pacquiao “Pambansang ATM” Viral On Social Media

Pacquiao Dubbed “Pambansang ATM” After Video Of Him Giving Money Goes Viral

PACQUIAO “PAMBANSANG ATM” – Senator Manny Pacquiao’s video of him handing out cash went viral on social media.

As such, netizens dubbed him as “Pambansang ATM”, a clear jab at his title “Pambansang Kamao”. Still, his main-event fights with boxing’s biggest stars such as Mayweather clearly give him enough funds to sustain his Presidential campaign.

Pacquiao "Pambansang ATM" Viral On Social Media

But, is the recent video of him giving away money considered as vote-buying? Well, that would depend on the person watching as everyone could have their own opinion.

According to a netizen, the video was shot this past week. Apparently, Pacquiao went to help out Taal victims in Batangas by giving them cash-aid.

Meanwhile, others contemplate on whether or not it was Pacquiao’s own money that he was giving away. Some say it is, some say it’s not. So, if it isn’t Pacman’s money, whose is it?

Netizens theorized that it may be Ilocos’ own, Chavit Singson’s money. One Redditor commented:

Pera ni Chavit to malamang haha!

If pera man ni Manny yan from his payts, kawawa naman sya, nagtrain, nagpasuntok para lang ibigay sa tao na baka hindi pa sya iboto (and for sure, he won’t win naman).

If I was him, I will just retire, enjoy life with my family, maybe put up a business that when generating an income can help people. Pero wala, di ko alam kung paano yung takbo ng isip nya.

Feeling ko hawak sya sa leeg ni Chavit talaga.

However, some say that it is Pacquiao’s own money he’s using (at least the majority of it). Additionally, others noted how Pacquiao has already been giving away money and providing jobs via his business ventures. “Hindi naman total reason na namimigay siya ng pera is for the votes”, one netizen commented.

What do you think about this? Leave your comments below.

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