Woman Victimized by Nigerian “Love Scammer” Loses Over P570k Cash

Woman Loses P570k Cash After Victimized by Nigerian “Love Scammer”

Police arrested a Nigerian national who was accused as a “love scammer” after a woman files a complaint that she loses P570,000 from him.

A woman files a complaint against a foreign national after losing more than P570,000 in cash as a result of an online “love scam,” according to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). The National Bureau of Investigation apprehended a Nigerian man accused of defrauding a 60-year-old retired medical professional.

Nigerian Love Scammer

The arrest was made after the victim filed a report alleging that the suspect forced her to pay for a package. The suspect assured the victim in an online chat that he would send her a package containing US$700,000 and that she would be responsible for any additional charges.

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According to the victim, the foreign national informed her that the item could not be sent right away because she needed to pay for insurance and taxes. She was told that once she sent the money through the bank, she would receive the package.

She said that she paid a total of P570,000. The suspect informed the victim a few days later that the package could not be released because it contained money. He went on to say that the package had been returned to the seller.

Agent Palmer Mallari of the National Bureau of Investigation’s Anti-Fraud Division noted that these love fraudsters mainly target “financially capable” widows looking for friendship.

This happened to the victim, who said the foreigner courted her and offered to marry her. In reality, the suspect posted phony videos and photographs on the internet.

The suspect was quick to dispute the claims against him while being held at the NBI. A Filipino resident in Cavite is also suspected of acting as the alleged scammer’s “money mule.”

The alleged money mule said he has roughly P1.2 million in his possession, with the suspect sending him a monthly split of P100,000. According to NBI Chief Eric Distor, the agency would also look into whether the suspect has victimized others.

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