Erwan Heussaff doesn’t consider himself a “celebrity”

Social media personality and content creator Erwan Heussaff was asked if he felt the pressure of being the husband of Anne Curtis and brother of Solenn Heussaff.

Anne and Solenn are two of the most popular female celebrities of this generation. Their millions of followers on social media platforms can attest to their popularity. Although they are both moms now, nothing has changed when it comes to their star status.

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With this, Erwan Heussaff was asked by vlogger Wil Dasovich if there was ever pressure on his part being related to these famous female celebrities. “I never felt that pressure,” Erwan said in Wil’s Superhuman vlog from his podcast. He explained that at first, Solenn did modeling and when she came back to showbiz, she was a designer and make-up artist. It was later on that Solenn became a “celebrity”.

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“I never tried to be a celebrity,” Erwan stressed. He also said that he never tried to be famous because when he create content, they are not about him. It is always about something else and not himself.

“Those videos aren’t about me, usually, they are about recipes,” he said. Erwan added that people barely see him onscreen talking because he would always share videos about what he learned and teaching them to his viewers.

For Erwan Heussaff, it was just a snowball as he did not expect that social media will be a huge thing now. He said that he was writing and creating videos online for fun and basically this was not the major source of his income.

However, there was a time that his hobby gave him more profit and he enjoyed it more. With this, he made the switch.
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