DOJ Chief To Alleviate Tensions Amid Pharmally Investigations

DOJ Chief To Alleviate Tensions Over Senate’s Pharmally Probe

DOJ CHIEF – Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra offered to help alleviate tensions amid the Pharmally investigations.

The Senate continues to probe the alleged overpricing of Pharmally’s medical supplies. However, key officials of the firm and involved government officials wish to back out from the probe.

In lieu of this, a heated back-and-forth between the Senate and President Duterte ensued. Previously, Duterte ordered to issue a memorandum stating Cabinet members to skip future Senate blue ribbon committee hearings.

DOJ Chief To Alleviate Tensions Amid Pharmally Investigations

Additionally, key Pharmally officials such as executive director Linconn Ong also expressed un-compliance with the investigations. Now, due to the unrest between the involved parties, Guevarra said he was willing to resolve the conflicts between the Senate and Malacañang.

Based on an article from Inquirer, Guevarra responded to Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon’s request. Amid the tensions, Drilon asked Guevarra to review the “blatantly unconstitutional” memorandum.

Meanwhile, Guevarra said both parties require adjustments as conflict resolutions require a two-way agreement. As per the article, Guevarra said:

It requires adjustments on both sides…

If I may say, we’re willing to make arrangements. We hope on the part of the blue ribbon, it can make adjustments. We need mutual reciprocal efforts.

For his part, Drilon said a “two-way” agreement was reasonable. However, he emphasized that he could not speak for the entire committee. But, he noted that he merely wanted a “reasonable solution” as he doesn’t want to go to the Supreme Court. “

On the other hand, President Duterte’s camp said the investigation was merely a ruse to cripple the admin’s COVID-19 efforts.

“Faced between the choice of one, accommodating the whims and caprices of a senatorial despot — who would seek to make the world his stage until kingdom come — and two, actually performing genuine public service that directly relates to the general welfare of the Filipino people, the choice is obvious”.

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