Ong Claims He’s Received Death Threats To Link Duterte To Pharmally

DEATH THREATS – Pharmally director Linconn Ong said he had received threats to his life.

Senators brought to light several anomalies in Pharmally’s P8 billion deal with the government. As such, lawmakers continued to place Ong in the hot seat.

Recently, Senator Franklin Drilon asked Ong how much did Michael Yang lend the firm. However, Ong refused to give a direct answer. Instead, he simply said he had received “help” from the businessman.

He added that since the firm did not have enough funds to procure the medical supplies, Yang offered to lend them money. Initially, the firm had over P500,000 worth of capital for a deal that amounted to P8 billion.

Death Threats To Ong, Claims He's Pressured To Pin Duterte To Pharmally

During an interview with Teleradyo, Drilon said Ong merely made snarky remarks regarding Yang’s involvement. “Isa lang ang tanong ko – magkano ba ang itinulong ni Michael Yang sa Pharmally? Eh ang sagot ay – siya na lang ang tanungin niyo“, said Drilon.

Unfortunately, Ong wrote an “excuse letter” to the Senate announcing that he would no longer cooperate in the investigation. Ong claimed that this decision was made through the advice of his legal team.

Furthermore, Ong issued an open letter claiming he had received death threats. According to Ong, people had been pushing him to pin Duterte in the Pharmally deal.

But, Drilon said Senators haven’t asked him anything about transactions with the President. “If there was nothing wrong with the deal, he should talk“, he added.

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