KC Concepcion Reveals Stand About Favoritism When It Comes Siblings

When it comes to her siblings, KC Concepcion shares she doesn’t have any favorites.

KC CONCEPCION – This is what KC Concepcion said about playing favorites in a family after her mother Sharon Cuneta was accused of having her favorites.

Singer, actress, and entrepreneur, KC Concepcion is currently in Los Angeles. She is fixing her condo and is in the process of completing it. She shares her life updates in a vlog and flying to L.A. is her first flight to America after 15 months of staying in the country because of the COVID-19 situation and surging of cases.


KC is the daughter of Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion. However, they separated four years after being married, and the young KC, after the separation, stayed with her mother. Sharon provided her with everything that she wants and needs. And just like her parents, she was also able to land a spot in the industry. She is an actress and a singer but it’s been so long already since her last TV appearance. As of now, she focusing on her business – she’s into jewelry-making.


In her IG stories, she recently opened her account to answer questions from fans. One of her ways to stay connected with her supporters is through being active on social media and one of the questions asked of her is her favorite sibling. She answered this and denied playing favorites when it comes to her siblings. She is the eldest and she doesn’t have favorites.

She answered, “I do not play favorites. Having favorites can ruin a family. While some make efforts to get closer to me than others, as their big sister, I love them all.”

KC Concepcion
Photo grabbed on IG

Both Gabby and Sharon have their own families now. KC is living independently and she considers herself lucky for having two families that can always shelter her. She can go to her mother or father anytime she wants and she is also close to all of her half-siblings and stepparents.


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