Security Guard Files COC For Senator Because It’s His Day Off Goes Viral

Security Guard Viral After He Files COC For 2022 Senatorial Race

SECURITY GUARD FILES COC – The Philippines’ senate surely has its fair share of colorful characters.

From actors, actors, other actors, and all the way to boxing champions, the Senate is never a dull circus. However, never has the senate had a security guard. Sure, there’s Senator Bato Dela Rosa, but he’s a completely breed of Senators that could even match actor-politicians in terms of performances.

Yesterday, Security Guard Phil Delos Reyes officially filed his certificate of candidacy (COC) for the 2022 Senatorial race. Now, you might be wondering what exactly would he offer the Filipino people as a lawmaker?

Security Guard Files COC For Senator Because It's His Day Off Goes Viral
Image from: Melissa Luz Lopez / Twitter

According to a report from CNN, Reyes wants to create laws that provides all Filipinos with social benefits. Furthermore, he wants to directly address the high internet costs in the country. Additionally, he said that he wants to simplify the procedures to get an official government ID or license.

Because of this, netizens from all social media platforms rallied behind him. Instead of actors trying to sympathize with the plight of the common folk, Reyes, along with millions more, have personally faced the issues he wants to fix.

“I’d rather have him than Manny who’s always absent”, said one netizen. Another said that Reyes had more sensible laws than most of the Senators present now.

“THIS. May sense yung platforms nya at makakapagbigay siya ng perspective based sa experience niya.

Yung isa na may flying cars sa platform at yung nagke-claim na asawa ni Kris Aquino ang hindi ko seseryosohin”

Still others feel like showing support to Reyes shows the double-standards of Filipinos when it comes to choosing leaders. Here’s the comment of Redditor FAnonyMOUS:

Security Guard Files COC For Senator Because It's His Day Off Goes Viral

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