Janus del Prado Shares Update on the Scammer’s Identity

Janus del Prado has this follow-up information about the person who scammed him

Actor Janus del Prado shared an update on the identity of the scammer who pretended to be an agent of a house for rent.

Previously, Janus shared a screenshot of a Facebook account with the name Jay Tolentino. The actor said that it was the account that transacted with him when he inquired about a house for rent. Janus paid the amount of P1,500 for the reservation fee.

Photo Source: @janusdelprado IG

Unfortunately, when he went there, the person who talked to him said that it was a scam. The actor warned his social media followers about the scammer who might be doing the same modus to other people.

In his recent Instagram post, the actor shared an update about the scammer. He said that an alleged “real Jay Tolentino” contacted him saying that his account was used by his former roommate.

The “real Jay” provided the actor a photo of the alleged person who scammed him. The alleged name of the real scammer is Rommel Miranda. Janus del Prado also shared that the “real Jay” is asking help to be noticed by broadcaster-vlogger Raffy Tulfo in order report the alleged scamming activities of Rommel Miranda.

It was said that Rommel has been scamming people using the identity of the “real Jay”. In his post, the actor said that he does not want who or what to believe anymore. He also said that the account that was using the house for rent and is still active until now.


Once again, he reminded the public to be careful and to not be deceived easily like what happened to him. “Spread awareness. Jail scammers,” Janus del Prado said.

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