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Duterte Supporters Urges Others To Get Unsubscribed From Raffy Tulfo YouTube

DUTERTE SUPPORTERS UNSUBSCRIBED – An issue is brewing between Raffy Tulfo and supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Raffy Tulfo, for the longest time, has become a face for justice in the Philippines. Unfortunately, instead of seeking proper legal advice, Filipinos would rather take chances and ask Tulfo for help due to his quick response and legal action.

Because of this, Tulfo has garnered massive success with his show that has become a zest pool of drama. As such, Tulfo now has over 22 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Duterte Supporters Unsubscribed Raffy Tulfo, Says He's "Dilawan"

But recently, Tulfo was under fire from a barrage of hateful comments from supporters of Duterte. Tulfo said that he could easily defeat Duterte in the vice presidential race.

According to Duterte supporter, June Abines, Tulfo “indirectly said he will beat PRRD as VP because he only got 16 Million votes compared to Raffy’s 42 million subscribers and followers”.

Previously, Tulfo said: “Magbabanggaan ang 16 Million versus 42 Million subscribers”. Due to his recent statements, Duterte supporters are now calling for a boycott.

“Many of us fans of Tulfo already unsubscribed“, one netizen said. Another highlighted that a large percentage of Tulfo fans are also supporters of the President.

Now, supporters of PRRD are claiming that Tulfo had “crossed the line” and illegally practiced law through unjust meddling of individuals’ rights and privacy through his show.

Here are some of the comments from netizens:

Duterte Supporters Unsubscribed Raffy Tulfo, Says He's "Dilawan"

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