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Child Protects Mom Against Robbers Caught In CCTV

CHILD PROTECTS MOM – A CCTV clip went viral after it shows how a child protected his mother from robbers using nothing but his umbrella.

In a dangerous situation such as this, most people would stay back as they fear for their safety. However, when a loved one is involved, instincts kick in to protect them.

Redditor u/Osechh uploaded the CCTV footage on Reddit showing how a child defended his mother from a mugging. Even though the incident might have been terrifying, he mustered up the courage to run straight at the muggers with only an umbrella.

Child Protects Mom From Riding In Tandem Using Umbrella (Video)

In the video, you would see two men riding in tandem. As the mother approaches what appears to be her home, one of the men quickly attacked her and threw her to the ground.

The poor lady was desperately trying to hold on to her belongings as the robber tries to snatch them out of her hand. Luckily, a brave young lad came to the rescue and smacked the robber in the back using an umbrella.

According to reports, the kid had already called for help causing the robbers to retreat. Authorities said they are currently investigating the incident.

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