Dennis Trillo Reveals Most Challenging Part In Doing ‘OTJ2’

For Dennis Trillo, this is the hardest part of his role in ‘OTJ2’

Kapuso actor Dennis Trillo revealed the most challenging part of his role in the film On The Job 2: The Missing 8.

Throughout his career as an actor, Dennis has already done various roles in TV series and in movies. He is currently playing the role of a Muslim man who has three wives in the Kapuso series Legal Wives.

dennis trillo
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His movie OTJ2 directed by Erik Matti was part of the 2021 Venice Film Festival. Dennis Trillo had to wear a fake nose for his character Roman. Direk Erik said that he told Dennis to alter his nose because he looks too handsome to be someone “who is languishing in prison.” The director added that the lead actor is such a revelation in this movie. Direk Erik also mentioned that people have to watch this and they will surely fell in love with the character of the Kapuso actor.

With his fake nose, Dennis admitted that it was not easy for him. He has to bear having no air-conditioning unit in most of their set location while wearing the prosthetics the whole when he was told to change it every six hours. However, all his efforts paid off.

dennis trillo
📷: GMA Network

“I had to reapply makeup again after a short while. That, to me, was the biggest challenge. Yes, it was hard but it was all worth it,” Dennis Trillo said.

The fake nose definitely helped him a lot when it comes to channeling his character. It was a way for him to differentiate Roman from other characters that he has done before.

His sacrifices for the movie and his determination to portray his role as real as possible were lauded by the judges of the film festival and after the screening, it was given a five-minute standing ovation.

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