Mayor Placing Face In Coffee Sachet Viral Online

MAYOR IN COFFEE SACHET – Placing a face on a product is nothing new for politicians.

For the most part, it’s an effective way to promote yourself and get a wide reach. However, as the 2022 elections creep closer, netizens feel that this type of promotion leaves a sour taste.

Mayor Placing Face In Coffee Sachet Goes Viral On Social Media

On social media platform, Reddit, a user named u/_MonsterCat_ posted a photo of Rodriguez (Montalban), Mayor Dennis Hernandez. But, unlike your usual tarpaulins, the mayor’s face is on a 3-in-1 instant coffee sachet.

Mayor Placing Face In Coffee Sachet Goes Viral On Social Media

Setting aside the intention of the coffee sachet promotion, netizens believe that acts like this are a “plain disrespect to the Filipino people”. As such, netizens call out on COMELEC to be stricter when it comes to issues such as this.

One netizen commented, “COMELEC should have more teeth on these!”. Meanwhile, another said that COMELEC can’t do anything as politicians haven’t filed their COCs.

“It would be great if they file their COCs and Comelec also investigate if they did a premature campaign like this a year before the deadline of COCs.”, said another Netizen.

Netizens also cited how Senator Manny Pacquiao also has his name on a coffee sachet. However, unlike Pacquiao, Mayor Hernandez’s coffee is not for sale. On the other hand, the “Pacquiao 3 in 1 Coffee Twin Pack” is available on shopping platforms such as Lazada and Shopee.

Here are some more comments from netizens on Reddit:

Mayor Placing Face In Coffee Sachet Goes Viral On Social Media

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