Paolo Contis Gives Message for LJ Reyes amid Separation Issues

Paolo Contis Breaks Silence on Separation with LJ Reyes

PAOLO CONTIS – The “A Faraway Land” actor gave a message for his ex-girlfriend, LJ Reyes, amid the issues surrounding their separation.

The breakup of Paolo Contis and LJ Reyes sparked different reactions from the people. It saddened many people as they were an image of a happy family together with Aki and Summer. The actress’ eldest is his son with Paulo Avelino while Summer is the daughter of Paolo and LJ.

Meanwhile, visibly, Paolo and Aki treat each other as father and son. They have a wonderful relationship that inspires a lot of people.

Prior to the confirmation, there were already rumors that Paolo and LJ might have ended their relationship. He deleted all his pictures with the actress. At the height of the speculations, the actress broke her silence through an online interview with Boy Abunda.

LJ Reyes
Photo: Philippine Star

LJ Reyes confirmed that she and Paolo Contis have broken up. She’s currently in New York together with Aki and Summer as she felt the need to take her family physically out from the situation. According to the actress, she felt that the actor was already distant from their family. He is always out.

LJ did not go into details but the interview hinted at a third party as a reason behind their separation. Many people admire how she still protected Paolo despite what is happening to them. Deeply hurt, the actress admitted that she cut all the communication lines with him as she does not want to be “manipulated”. According to her, she believes that some of her “discoveries” about him are really facts.

Paolo Contis
Photo: News Unzip

Paolo Contis recently broke his silence on the issues surrounding his separation from LJ Reyes. In his message on Instagram, he admitted that there’s a third party when they were in a relationship and he is not proud of it. He also clarified that he never laid a finger on the actress and the kids.

The actor apologized to everyone who got dragged in the issue. He also posted a message for the kids and as well as LJ. As for Summer, he apologized and promised his daughter that he will always be there for her and he will do his best to be better. For Aki, he asked sorry for failing him and expressed his regrets that he could have done things differently and listened to him more.

“To LJ, I’m very sorry. For everything. Sa lahat lahat,” the actor wrote on his Instagram post.

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