Duterte Apologizes For Slain Chinese Nationals During Drug Bust

Duterte Apologizes For Slain Chinese Nationals: “Hindi Natin Ginusto ‘Yan”

DUTERTE APOLOGIZES – President Rodrigo Duterte recently apologized for the deaths of Chinese nationals slain during a recent anti-illegal drugs operation.

Since before his campaign, President Duterte has expressed his hatred toward illegal drugs. So much so that he vowed to eradicate it within six months.

However, the plague of illegal drugs continued with heavy casualties. But, throughout the years, countless operations, and lives lost, Duterte had never apologized, until now.

Duterte Apologizes For Slain Chinese Nationals During Drug Bust

Recently, an anti-illegal drug operation in Zambales and Bataan resulted in the death of four Chinese nationals. Based on a report from Manila Bulletin, these people were suspected of being part of a “big-time drug syndicate”.

Because of this, Duterte, during his pre-recorded public address, profusely apologized for the deaths of the Chinese. “I’m sorry for the loss of lives. Hindi man natin ginusto ‘yan“, said the President.

Furthermore, Duterte hoped that the “countries where these guys are from” understood that the Philippines has laws it needs to follow. “Pag-isipan na ninyo, ako ayaw ko. Ayaw ko talaga“, he continued.

Following the successful drug bust, police recovered 500 kilos of shabu worth a whopping P3.4 billion. In lieu of this, the President praised the law enforcers involved in the case.

Additionally, Duterte emphasized that overseas Filipinos involved in drugs shouldn’t receive help. He stressed that if an OFW were involved with drug charges he wouldn’t lift a finger to help.

Currently, China, according to Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, is the Philippines’ “BFF”. Moreover, Duterte himself has pursued good relations with China.

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