Inmate Undergoes Intestines’ Surgery After Swallowing Cellphone

Inmate Survives Intestine’s Surgery After Allegedly Swallowing Cellphone

An inmate undergoes intestines’ surgery after he complains of stomach pain which is later discovered as the result of swallowing a cellphone.

A mobile phone was successfully extracted from a prisoner’s intestines in Kosovo a few days after he swallowed it whole, according to a report. The 33-year-old convict was admitted to Pristina University Hospital’s gastrointestinal department last week after complaining of abdominal pain, according to a surgeon.

Inmate Swallowing Cellphone
Surgeon getting ready to operate on a patient

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The inmate had ingested a little cellphone, according to doctors. As a result, they carried out an operation to remove the stated cellphone, according to Skender Telaku, the operation’s leader.

“By endoscopic means, so without cutting the stomach, we took out the phone divided into three parts,” he told Agence France-Presse.

The phone reportedly lingered within the inmate’s stomach for four days, according to the detainee. According to Telaku, the operation was not difficult because the ingested cellphone was successfully removed for a short time.

“It was the battery that concerned us the most… The corrosive battery acid could have leaked into his stomach,” he said adding that “it was like walking in a minefield but luckily everything went smoothly.”

After the operation, police confiscated the mobile phone, which was an old model, and brought the inmate inside jail. It is not yet clear how or why the inmate swallowed it.

The medical team who operated on him stated the device was smuggled into his prison to allow him to communicate with people outside of it. The event has elicited no response from the police.

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