Several Residents Arrested After Caught Using “Ayuda” on Illegal Gambling

Police Arrest Several Residents for Allegedly Using “Ayuda” on Illegal Gambling

Manila North Cemetery – The police authorities arrest several residents who have been caught using the “Ayuda” on illegal gambling.

Nowadays, many people are engaging in various activities so they could earn money amid the coronavirus pandemic. Some of our countrymen are even engaging in illegal activities just to earn.

However, law violators would face corresponding sanctions and penalties, according to their violation.

Illegal Gambling

The police authorities have caught some of the residents joining an illegal gambling at mausoleum inside the Manila North Cemetery. The cops caught the illegal activities of the bettors.

The cops arrested the involved individuals and confiscate the items used for the illegal operation including a ledger containing the list where the fund goes. The cops discovered the location after a ‘kubrador’ give them the information.

According to the informant who has been arrested for being a ‘kubrador’, the bettors could bet from P5 up to P200. Some of the bettors are beneficiaries of the government’s financial assistance.

Illegal Gambling

Some of the suspects admitted they have been involved on the illegal activities for a couple of years. The care taker of the mausoleum explained that he allowed the suspects to enter because they were friends.

According to the police, they find it hard to monitor the illegal gambling because bettors are giving their bets through text message. The collector would just pass at the bettors’ homes to gather the bet.

The arrested individuals would face corresponding sanctions and penalties.

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