Chinese Manager Whips Employee Working At Mine (Viral Video)

Chinese Manager Caught On Video As He Whips Employee Accused Of Stealing

CHINESE MANAGER WHIPS EMPLOYEE – A mine manager in the Rutsiro District of Western Rwanda was caught on video as he whips an employee accused of theft.

In the viral video, you would see the poor Rwandan tied up and lying on the ground as the manager grabs his whip. Afterward, without a shred of hesitation, the Chinese manager whips his employee.

Chinese Manager Whips Employee Working At Mine (Viral Video)

Here is the clip uploaded on Reddit by user u/Nihilist911:

Fortunately, the employee had justice as the manager said that two people, including the Chinese man in the video, had been placed under police custody.

According to netizens on Reddit, the translation goes as such:

Greetings, Two people including the one seen in the video suspected of assaulting Niyomukiza Azalias and Ngendahimana Gratien have been arrested and are currently held at Ruhango Police Station at Rutsiro District as concerned/appropriate/designated agencies continue their investigation. Thank you

Furthermore, an article from Rwandannews said that the Chinese Embassy had condemned the acts of the Chinese man in the video. As per the article, the Embassy stated:

“The Chinese Embassy in Rwanda has taken note of a recent case concerning a Chinese private company and a citizen. The case is associated with suspected theft. The Chinese Embassy supports Rwanda’s law enforcement agencies to investigate and handle the case transparently and fairly in accordance with the law of Rwanda.”

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