Janus Del Prado Shocking Revelations About G & P In Ogie Diaz Vlog

Here are some more shocking revelations of Janus Del Prado about “G” and “P”.

JANUS DEL PRADO – Controversial personality Janus Del Prado speaks and reveals more about “G” and “P” that he’s been talking about online.

In the past months, actor Janus Del Prado has been sharing cryptic and mysterious posts online through his social media page with wide followings. Some people who caught a glimpse of his posts could not help but think that he must be talking about a certain issue or some “patama” to a certain personality.


And just recently, his latest posts about “G” and “P” gathered the most attention. This is after actor Gerald Anderson aired his “insincere” sorry to Bea Alonzo. Anderson expressed his hope that his ex-girlfriend would forgive what happened and forgive him. Janus retaliated and with his wrath, because his friend was used for promo again, he revealed the ‘Milagro na ginawa ni G & P sa set ng MPY’.

Now, in an interview with Ogie Diaz, he spoke about “G” and “P” and revealed more about them. In the video, he explained the story behind several of his intriguing statement until they reached the topic of “G”. What he just thinks is right is that if he had only apologized and admitted his mistakes and faults, his friend will eventually forgive but he did not.


He stressed his belief about forgiveness but not forgetting because there will be no lesson learned if a mistake will only be forgotten. He believes that between the two parties, it’s the victim who has the right to declare if things are fine already and when to move on from it.

Being a close friend to “B”, what he commended about her is that she never said anything that’s against “G”. Janus revealed, “Dun lang siya sa issue. Hindi na niya ginatungang ng ginatungan ng ginatungan. Sabi ko nga eh, mas galit pa kami na mga kaibigan .”


With all his intriguing posts, “B” was concerned about him being bashed by the people online. But for him, he’s just fine. He’s fine about it knowing that his conscience will attack him later on if he did nothing to defend them in his own ways. He added that he’ll really go through hell for his friends because he knows them and what kind of persons they are. He knows that he is defending the right people.

Revealing more, he opened up about a phase when he defended “G” to “B”. He owes “B” an apology for this. He said that he once called “B” “praning” while he was defending “G”. He said his apologies to “B” because he defended him without knowing anything only to know that she was right with her hunches all along. Them, who defended “G”, got manipulated by him.


There was really happening on set. His manipulation also most ended the relationship of “B” with a director. He revealed that there’s really “magic” and “milagro” happening between “G” and “P”.

Check out the video below:


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