Pacquiao Can’t Open Right Eye, Scheduled For Specialist

Pacquiao Can’t Open Right Eye Following Ugas Fight

PACQUIAO CAN’T OPEN RIGHT EYE – After his defeat against Cuban WBA super welterweight champion Yordenis Ugas, Pacquiao had issued opening his right eye.

According to his camp, Pacquiao couldn’t open his right eye when he woke up after his fight with Ugas. As such, his camp said that he would have his eye checked by a specialist in Los Angeles.

During the fight against Ugas, Pacquiao faced off against the taller, bigger Ugas in a grueling 12 round bout. However, due to cramps on both legs, Pacquiao’s movements were hindered rendering him unable to adjust to Ugas’ fighting style.

Pacquiao Can't Open Right Eye, Scheduled For Specialist

After the 1 round, Pacquiao lost in a unanimous decision and when he got off the ring, he had a cut over his left eye and another one on the right. But, there was heavier swelling in his right eye due to Ugas’ hard left.

Due to this, the fighting senator came to the post-fight conference wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes. Meanwhile, based on an article from One News, his lawyer, Tom Falfui said:

“He woke up today with his right eye shut. Hindi niya maidilat… It could be a corneal abrasion”

As per the article, it was during the press conference that Pacquiao felt pain and discomfort with his right eye. Meanwhile, his coach Freddie Roach explained that it may have been due to his eye reacting to the Vaseline used during his match.

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