Pacquiao Called Disloyal To PDP-Laban Following Defeat Vs Ugas

Pacquiao Called Disloyal To Partylist, Complaints Filed Against Him

PACQUIAO CALLED DISLOYAL – Following his defeat inside the boxing ring, fighting Senator Manny Pacquiao faces another issue back home.

Before his fight against Yordenis Ugas, Pacquiao left a sour taste within the Pro-Duterte PDP-Laban party. Due to his allegations that there was corruption amid the Duterte admin, he became a target of the President’s supporters.

Among these are the officials of the PDP-Laban Party-list, who voted to oust Pacquiao as its acting President. Now, Pacquiao faces a “disloyalty complaint” against him for violating PDP-Laban bylaws.

Pacquiao Called Disloyal To PDP-Laban Following Defeat Vs Ugas
Image from: Panay News

This could potentially cause the fighting Senator to get him expelled from the party. According to an article from ABS-CBN, Pacquiao has 10 to 15 days to explain why he shouldn’t get expelled from PDP-Laban.

Allegedly, Pacquiao had converted the regional party People’s Champ Movement (PCM) into a national one. In lieu of this, PDP-Laban’s executive vice president, Secretary Karlo Nograles said:

May due process kami sa partido (The party has a due process) and because of that, I believe there is a complaint against him regarding that allegation. We will have to run him through the process of the party and that means he will be given a chance to explain

Furthermore, Nograles said that they would allow the fighting Senator to respond to the allegations. Additionally, there would be a hearing and a decision through a grievance procedure.

Recently, Pacquiao refused to attend an executive council meeting aimed at urging President Duterte to run as Vice President in the 2022 elections. Meanwhile, the executive committee would pursue nominating Senator Christopher “Bong Go” as its bet for the Presidential race.

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