Afghan Prisoners Walk Out Of Kabul Jail After Taliban Frees Them

Afghan Prisoners Casually Walk Out Of Capitol Jail After Getting Freed

TALIBAN FREES AFGHAN PRISONERS – Following tensions in Afghanistan, the Taliban freed prisoners in Kabul jail, allowing them to casually walk out.

Following the removal of US Troops and a government collapse in Afghanistan, the Taliban took over its capitol, Kabul. Because of this, residents started to flee out of fear and rushed to packed airports.

Along with this, the Taliban also freed prisoners in Kabul jail which included Islamic state and al Qaeda fighters. According to an article from Insider, over a thousand prisoners were released in what the Taliban called a “peaceful transition” of power.

Afghan Prisoners Walk Out Of Kabul Jail After Taliban Frees Them

Here is one of the videos posted on social media documenting the incident. In the video, you could see thousands of prisoners simply walking away from the prison carrying their bags.

On Sunday, Afghan’s state military surrendered Bagram airbase to the Taliban. Along with this, the departure of their president along with U.S. personnel became the perfect conditions for the Taliban to take over.

Due to successfully occupying the airbase, the Pul-e-Chakri prison, the Taliban were free to release prisoners at the Pul-e-Charki prison. Here, over 5,000 prisoners are held for their crimes including maximum-security cellblocks housing al Qaeda and Taliban members.

Here are some of the comments regarding the video:

This has somehow become the most well documented step by step filed invasion and take over in the span of one month it’s eerie

I’m not at all knowledgeable on this whole thing, but isn’t that quite a smart move by the taliban? Prisoners already have a vendetta against the government, so they may even join the taliban.

It’s Afghanistan. They are either oppressed by the government or a group who takes over the government. Their government is so scared of the Taliban that they fled the country.

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