Thousands Of Civilians Flee To Airport Tarmac As Taliban Slowly Occupies Terminals

THOUSANDS OF CIVILIANS FLEE – Tensions in Afghanistan continue to escalate as civilians try to flee the country.

Following the government’s collapse, Taliban forces swept into Afghanistan’s capital on Sunday. Afterward, heavily armed Taliban fighters spread across the capital causing panic and fears.

Because of this, civilians try desperately to head to the airport in an attempt to escape with their families. In a video uploaded to social media site, Reddit, you could see thousands running toward the airport Tarmac in Kabul airport.

Thousands Of Civilians Flee To Airport While Taliban Slowly Takes Control

Meanwhile, Taliban forces were slowly occupying the terminals inside. Here is the video uploaded by user u/mouthofreason:

On the outskirts of the airport, the Taliban had almost completely taken over but stated they were open to talks regarding an “open, inclusive Islamic government”. Moments leading to the chaos, Helicopters raced to evacuate personnel from the U.S. Embassy.

Sadly, commercials flights were all suspended following sporadic gunfire at the Kabul airport. Unfortunately, an article from AP News stated that only military flights continued.

Here are some of the comments from netizens on Reddit:

Pick one family in the crowd and watch from start to finish. It’s heartbreaking.

The planned withdrawal was May 1st. They knew this was going to happen, but did nothing to mitigate it. We should have evacuated the civilians we needed to before finishing the troop withdrawal. Instead Biden is hiding away at Camp David to avoid critical media coverage during this and the media will be complicit in making sure the story is over in 24 hours.

Media criticism of Democrats is just as important as criticizing Republicans. The political elite don’t care about who they kill in these pointless wars. They only care about the money they can embezzle to their political allies through military contracts and the media perception of them (only insofar as it affects their elections). Criticism of Biden is not an endorsement of Trump and it is well earned in his bumbling of this withdrawal.

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