Netizens Criticize DSWD Region X For Alleged “Promotions” For Duterte, Bong Go

NETIZENS CRITICIZE DSWD – On social media platforms such as Facebook and Reddit, DSWD Region X faced harsh criticism for its alleged “promotions”.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, among the necessities of residents across the Philippines comes in the form of the “ayuda” or cash aid from the government. With new lockdowns in play across the country, many are again left jobless with no income.

As such, the “ayuda” becomes highly important for families to try and live by. However, according to some netizens, the “ayuda” has yet again been politicized this time, to promote President Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Bong Go.

Netizens Criticize DSWD For "Promotions" Forcing Comments To Be Off

In a post, the DSWD Region X posted photos of residents from Cagayan de Oro City holding cash incentives from tax payer money with the quote:

“Thank you kay President Duterte and Senator Bong Go. Gamiton nako ning kwarta para sa panginahanglanon sa akong pamilya”. (I will use this money to buy the needs of my family).

Netizens Criticize DSWD For "Promotions" Forcing Comments To Be Off

Meanwhile, another was posted saying:

“Dako akong pasalamat sa atong President kay naa nako’y pampalit og bugas pinaagi niining special ayuda sa gobyerno. Daghang salamat!

Netizens Criticize DSWD For "Promotions" Forcing Comments To Be Off

However, netizens from Facebook noticed that DSWD had already limited those who could see comments from the post. Meanwhile, those that could manage to comment complained about how the DSWD continues to post photos like this but failed to provide aid to their respective barangays.

Here are some of the comments from netizens on social media site, Reddit:

Unfortunately, the posts from the Facebook page of DSWD Region X similar to those posted above all have limited visibility. Furthermore, others could not comment on it either.

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