Manila To Start 24/7 Vaccination Against COVID-19 On Aug 8

Manila To Start 24/7 Vaccination Following New Guidelines From DOH

MANILA TO START 24/7 VACCINATION – Due to the new Delta Variant, Manila and surrounding areas are yet again under an enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

For the third time, Manila has been placed under the strictest quarantine protocol in the country. Meanwhile, as the new variant spreads, people are flocking to vaccination sites to protect themselves against the threat.

However, Manila recently had issues with the sheer volume of people coming into vaccination sites. As such, a 24/7 vaccination service is set to start on August 8, 2021.

Manila To Start 24/7 Vaccination Against COVID-19 On Aug 8

According to Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, authorities would follow new guidelines implemented by the DOH as the city undergoes the ECQ. Furthermore, walk-ins for the vaccination site are not allowed.

Instead, those who wish to get vaccinated can do so after registering at their website to see if they can get a schedule. But timely enough, Isko recently revealed that the city’s vaccination website was attacked by troll farms.

Now with the issue fixed, the vaccination process would require individuals to receive vaccination slots from their respective barangays if they want to get vaccinated. In the slot number received, it would include the schedule and the vaccination site they need to go to.

Moreover, only residents at chosen barangays can receive a slot every day. For example, only 30 barangays per day may receive vaccination slots and another 30 would be given on the next day. Along with this, residents can’t transfer to other vaccination sites and no vaccinations would occur inside malls.

On Thursday, the city of Manila received 118,000 doses of Moderna from the national government which will be used in the upcoming 24/7 vaccination drive. Additionally, 35,000 doses of Pfizer had also arrived but can’t be used. This is due to the injections and diluents needed for it is still not given to the city.

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