DILG Backs Off From Isko, Retracts Show-Cause Order

DILG Backs Off From Pushing Compliance Mandate On Isko

DILG BACKS OFF – Recently, the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) targeted Manila Mayor Isko Moreno.

According to the DILG, Moreno failed to comply with implementations against the use of illegal drugs back in 2018. However, Isko was pledged into the position in 2019. Still, the DILG gave Moreno 10 days to present why he “should not be held administratively liable, among others”.

Because of this issue, Yorme responded with “Wow galing ha! Sunod sunod na!”. Furthermore, the order came after Mocha Uson’s social media page “Mocha Uson Blogs” shared misinformation regarding overcrowding in a vaccination center.

DILG Backs Off From Isko, Retracts Show-Cause Order

Based on the post, the overcrowding was said to be a scene from Manila. But, the photo was taken in another city. Following this slew of events, the DILG retracted the order as netizens flocked in to heavily criticize the agency.

According to an article from CNN, DILG Undersecretary for External and Legislative Affairs Ricojudge Echiverri said the show-cause order was finalized and sent to manila back in 2019, but, the audit was conducted the year prior when Joseph Estrada was Mayor.

“By virtue of this error and the guidance of policies and procedures of the department, we are hereby withdrawing the document in issue”, said Echiverri. Moreover, he added that on July 9, 2021, the order was an “inadvertent reissuance”.

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During the previous months, Moreno, along with Sara Duterte, has become one of the top candidates for the presidency based on surveys. Back on July 27, Moreno stated on a video that he posted on Facebook that:

This is my personal belief … because we do not hear this from government agencies. They are saying many other things to create a smokescreen. What I mean by the smokescreen is those things that distract people, to blur your vision..

“So they will say a lot of things to shift people’s attention, to lose their focus on the failures of some people.”

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