Most Expensive French Fries In The World Costs This Much

Most Expensive French Fries On Earth Has This Insane Price Per Serving

MOST EXPENSIVE FRIES – Throughout history, French Fries has become iconic for its classic look, taste, and of course, cheap price.

However, there are some restaurants that take pride in their fries, thus skyrocketing its price. But, this begs the question, are the fries worth the insane price tag?

A restaurant in New York city called “Serendipity3”, recently broke the record for the world’s most expensive serving of fries. On July 13, the restaurant officially changed the price of their fries to a whopping $200 per plate.

Most Expensive French Fries In The World Costs This Much

Because of this, it has topped Guinness World Record’s as one of the most expensive cuisines available. Along with this, the restaurant also claimed the world’s most expensive burger at $295 and the most expensive ice cream sundae at $1000.

Still, why are these fries and other food priced so high? Well, to start off, the restaurant’s fries are called “Crème de la Crème Pommes Frites”. First, they are blanched or scalded i vinegar and champagne.

Afterward, they are fried in pure goose fat, and not oil. Furthermore, much like most fries, they are fried twice to achieve a fluffy inside and crispy exterior.

Then, they are sprinkled with edible gold and seasons with truffle salt and oil and served on a platter with an orchid, thin-sliced truffles, and their own Mornay cheese sauce. Additionally, the sauce itself is made with a rare seasonal mushroom and expensive truffles.

“Truffle is the main star here”, said the restaurant’s executive chef, Frederick Schoen-Kiewert. Surprisingly enough, despite the hefty price tag, the restaurant has an 8-10 week wait-list for people who want to try out the fries.

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