Panelo Statements On Hidilyn Diaz: “Then Vs Now” Elicits Reactions

Netizens Give Reactions To Panelo Statements On Hidilyn Diaz “Then Vs Now”

PANELO VS HIDILYN DIAZ – Back in 2019, then Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo gave several statements regarding the so-called “oust matrix”.

But, right after Hidilyn Diaz secured the Philippines’ first Olympic Gold Medal, netizens reminisced the time where Panelo showed “intelligence information that has been validated”.

Panelo Statements On Hidilyn Diaz: "Then Vs Now" Elicits Reactions

Here, Panelo tagged Diaz and Gretchen Ho as part of a matrix that aims to discredit the Duterte administration. During a press briefing, Panelo stated:

I suppose they are the enemies of the state. Sino pa ba ang gustong magpabagsak kundi yung mga kalaban ng estado

Pinapabayaan lang natin. We just want them to know that we know. And we want the people to know that they are on this

However, when asked who created the matrices, Panelo could not answer. However, he emphasized that it was already validated. Furthermore, he said that the President himself instructed him to present it to the public.

The source of that is from the Office of the President, from the President himself. I don’t know how he got one but it’s coming from the President. I talked to him the other day,

Now, Panelo, who red-tagged Diaz, is saying:

Her feat makes us Filipinos proud. Her getting the gold is a testament to the Filipino race’s talent and indefatigable spirit. It serves as an inspiration to all Filipino athletes that getting gold in the Olympics is no longer a dream but a reality. Congratulations Hidilyn Diaz !!!

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