Angel Locsin Says This Is People’s Biggest Misconception About Her

Angel Locsin said she is not what most people think

Actress-philanthropist Angel Locsin revealed that this is the biggest misconception of people about her and she made a clarification about this.

Angel is not just one of the most popular actresses in her generation. She is also known for her charitable endeavor that is why she is being tagged as the real-life Darna.

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For several instances, the actress showed strength and compassion for the people, and this garnered admiration from the public. However, based on the article in Inquirer, this is where the biggest misconception about her came from.

To be honest, I’m neither brave nor combative,” Angel Locsin said. She stressed that women before her have been fighting for gender equality but still their hard work hasn’t reached victory yet.

I’m not who people say I am. I’m simply inspired by the women who went ahead of me. They are able to voice out their opinions the right way. Even though I’m scared, I would push myself to speak out because I know there are people who are open to listening to me and who are going through the same issues,” the actress added.

She also said that she respects the different opinions of people about her but she is not dwelling on this because she knows who she really is. Angel Locsin is aware that some people would say that she is intimidating or strong, tough or too opinionated and a feminist.

“It’s just sad that women are expected to follow so-called ‘gender rules.’ We’re expected to just keep quiet. We’re placed in a box. People have their own interpretation of how women should behave,” Angel stressed.

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