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Filipino Scientist Finds Teddy Bear In Ocean Floor 10,000 Meters Underwater

FILIPINO SCIENTIST FINDS TEDDY BEAR – Two scientists went 10,000 meters down to explore the deep sea.

However, instead of finding rare of mysterious creatures of the deep, they found something already common to those above – plastics. Furthermore, they were the first scientists to find a Teddy Bear at such depths.

Filipino Scientist Finds Teddy Bear 10,000 Meters Underwater

Recently, Marine scientist Dr. Deo Onda and deep-sea explorer Victor Vescovo embarked on a journey into the abyss. They went down the Emden Deep in the Philippine trench, the world’s third deepest spot.

Filipino Scientist Finds Teddy Bear 10,000 Meters Underwater

Sadly, Onda, an oceanographer from the University of the Philippines stated that “there was a lot of garbage in the trench”. He added that there were even a pair of pants, a shirt, and a teddy bear.

Ondo and Vescovo were the first explorers to reach the bottom of the Emden Deep. Unfortunately, their milestone, although a breakthrough, was shadowed by a grim realization.

According to an article from Ladbible, Ondo stated:

But being a witness to the extent of pollution, and being a witness to the gravity of the plastics problem from the surface to the bottom of the ocean, is another thing.

It becomes my responsibility to tell people that their garbage doesn’t stay where they put it. It goes somewhere else and it will sink.

Initially, the scientist thought they found a strange creature. As per the article, they said that they saw it from the window of the submarine. However, they were surprised to be greeted by a teddy bear after their 12 hour descent into the sea.

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