Pauleen Luna talked about her daughter Tali

Actress-host Pauleen Luna shared the ways she could do in order for her daughter Tali to be prepared for bashings in showbiz.

To recall, Pauleen has been vocal in defending her daughter with Vic Sotto against bashers. She even warned a basher that she file a case because of the mean comments against a child.

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When asked about dealing with bashing during a recent interview, based on the article in Inquirer, Pauleen Luna said that she will let her daughter deal with it. “Bashers will be there no matter who you are, so I guess I will let Tali deal with them like any other person,” she said.

However, she stressed that bashing is “not really something one should deal with”. For Pauleen, negativity should not be the focus of one person. “You shouldn’t make (dealing with bashers) an important thing because it is not important at all,” she added.

When asked about the possibility that Tali will also enter the world of showbiz, she answered, “I met her father through this business so it’s hard to make up excuses.”

Pauleen Luna said that as of now, she can’t say if she will be able to discourage or encourage her daughter to join showbiz because she is still young.

As for the dad, I don’t think he will try to stop Tali because his other kids, Oyo and Danica, practically grew up in show biz,” the celebrity mom said.

Pauleen also joined the entertainment industry at a young age but she is thankful that her mom was there for her and guided her until she turned 23.

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