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Mukbang Videos, Ordering Too Much Food, Now Banned In China

MUKBANG VIDEOS BANNED – The popular “binge-eating” videos more commonly called “Mukbang” is now banned in China.

Mukbang or binge-eating content has become viral in the past years. The trend began in Korea and was quickly adapted by Western social media content creators. However, it is undeniable that some of these Mukbang videos are over excessive to the point where some would say it is grotesque.

In a bid to reduce food waste in the country, the Chinese government began enforcing a law aiming to address the “distressing” problem. Along with banning mukbang videos showing overeating, videos showing overfeeding animals have also become illegal.

Mukbang Videos Banned In China, Ordering Too Much Food Illegal

Additionally, ordering too much food has also been branded as illegal in China. But, why did China push such a law?

Currently, China has no issues with food shortages. Still, China has long expressed concerns with overeating and the economic pressures due to the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, the United Nation’s World Food Programme noted that the pandemic could lead to a massive food shortage in some countries.

As such, China is attempting to cut down 35 million tons of food waste. To address this, the government pushed the N-1 policy. This meant that the number of dished made or ordered should be one less than the number of guests.

Meanwhile, restaurants that do not follow protocol could be fined $1,550 dollars for food waste. Meanwhile, media companies can be fined $16,000 for creating binge-eating videos or advertisements.

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