FDA Warns Public on Risk of Using Medicines Bought Online Against Virus

FDA Warns The Risk on Using Medicines Bought Online to Treat COVID-19

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns the public about the risk of using unauthorized medicines bought online to treat COVID-19.

The FDA has issued a public health alert about the risks associated with the use of certain medicines in the treatment of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), including medications purchased online or from illegal sources.

FDA Warns Medicines Online

The food and drug regulatory agency of the Philippines has stated that it cannot guarantee the safety and efficacy of medicines that have not been evaluated. Unauthorized drugs could not be stored properly under the required storage conditions, jeopardizing their stability, says FDA.

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All drugs, according to the department, can cause severe side effects and health issues if they are not used according to the prescribed indication and dosage. The agency stress that people should seek advice from physicians before taking some dose.

“These can pose serious health risks, hence, it is important to seek advice from physicians and pharmacists prior to use,” it said.

When it comes to using drugs, the FDA has encouraged patients, caregivers, and the general public to report any possible adverse reactions or side effects. Those who want to report a drug’s adverse effects can do so online at https://primaryreporting.who-umc.org/Reporting/Reporter?OrganizationID=PH.

“It is also important to contact your doctor or pharmacist to inform you of any medical care or a change in treatment if needed,” it said.

“Anyone can report issues relating to the safety of medicines to FDA as this contributes to the overall knowledge of the safety of a medicine and the patient experience,” the FDA added.

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