Are You Sleep Deprived? Doctor Reveals Test Showing If You Are

Doctor Reveals Test To Show If You’re Sleep Deprived

SLEEP DEPRIVED TEST – Most people now, especially in the age of the Internet don’t get enough sleep.

Some even regard it as an accomplishment as they proudly say “sleep is for the weak”. However, getting enough sleep is adamant to our growth and development, especially for the younger generation more prone to this lifestyle.

Even as adults, we need enough sleep to get us through the day and recharge our cells. So, how can we find out if we’re not getting enough sleep?

Are You Sleep Deprived? Doctor Reveals Test Showing If You Are
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Dr. Karan Raj, shared his tips on TikTok where he has more than 3.4 million followers. Earlier this month, he posted a video asking his fans to take his “sleep depravation test”.

“Are you sleep-deprived? If you’re not sleeping enough, you’ll experience very short blackouts called microsleeps and these can make you miss things right in front of your eyes“, the doctor said.

Afterward, he presented a test involving a photo of a busy street. You’d see buildings in the back, cars on the road, and people trying to cross the streets. But, as the doctor continues, the picture shifts in different ways.

Now, the question is, which among the changes are you most likely to notice? Did you find all the differences?


Here is the full video:

Finally, he says that if you need an alarm clock or coffee to wake you up in the morning, or manage to fall asleep after 5 minutes of getting into bed, then you might be lacking sleep.

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