Pops Fernandez Surprised By Sharon Cuneta’s Generous Gift

Sharon Cuneta has this recent expensive gift for Pops Fernandez

Concert Queen Pops Fernandez was surprised by this generous gift that she recently received from Megastar Sharon Cuneta.

In a recent video that Pops shared on her Instagram account, she showed her gift unboxing. The singer said in her caption that the Megastar sent her a text during dinner. Sharon said that she will be sending her driver to bring something for her.

Pops said that she thought that Sharon would be sending food to her.  “In my mind i said, wow how sweet naman, she will probably send food….. instead this is what arrived!!! I was so surprised!!! And i LOVE surprises hahaha..” the singer shared.

To Pops Fernandez’s surprise, it was a bag from the luxury brand Dior. The box came with a handwritten letter from Sharon Cuneta. “It is her Christmas gift and it just arrived … she ordered it and personalized it for me… am so touched… thank you so much sis!!!” the singer shared.

Photo Source: @reallysharoncuneta IG

Pops added that she was feeling “dyahe” whenever she would share posts like this but this time she is happy for posting this. “Love you sis can’t wait to use it … soon *pasensya sa look ko, i was getting ready for bed,” the singer added.

Sharon Cuneta replied to this post of the singer. “Love you so much Sis! Umabot din (heart emojis),” the Megastar commented.

The Christin Dior personalized bag has the name “Cielito” on the other side, which is the real name of Pops Fernandez. Based on the official website of the luxury fashion brand, the kind of bag that Pops received from Sharon has a price tag of $3,250 or approximately Php156,000.


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