Thousands Of Russians Protest Chanting “Putin Is A Killer” Get Arrested

Thousands Of Russians Protest On The Streets Shouting “Putin Is A Killer”

RUSSIAN PROTEST – As tensions escalate between Russia and Ukraine, thousands of Russians took to the street while chanting “Putin Is A Killer”.

Recently, Putin delivered his annual address filled with threats to the West and his stance on the tension between Russia and Ukraine. According to Putin, Russia will have “asymmetric, fast, and tough responses if it is forced to defend its national interests.

“I hope no one gets the idea to cross the so-called red line with Russia — and we will be the ones to decide where it runs in every concrete case”

Thousands Of Russians Protest Chanting "Putin Is A Killer" Get Arrested

Meanwhile, before Putin even finished his speech, thousands of protesters in Vladivostok rallied. “Freedom to political Prisoners!”, they shouted despite the warnings of authorities.

Here is a video uploaded to Reddit:

Based on an article from the New York Times, over 1,496 people were detained across the country. As such, the total number of detained protesters had rose to at least 10,000 since January.

Here is more footage of the protest spanning across Russia:

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