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Jamill Issue In Tulfo: Fearless Camille Faces Complain from These Women

Jamill Issue In Tulfo: Fearless Camille Faces Complaint from These Women

Famous Local Vloggers Jamill issue Brought in the Raffy Tulfo Program

JAMILL ISSUE – Camille Trinidad was fearless when these women complained in the Raffy Tulfo program regarding the allegations involving Jayzam Manabat.

Regarding the cheating issues in Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad‘s relationship, a couple of women came out online and complained in the Raffy Tulfo program. At the time of posting, such is among the top trending topics on Twitter. Dambie Tensuan went to the program and complained about the false accusations against her to which Tulfo agreed. The host believed that the woman must not be called by offensive names because Jayzam and Camille are not married yet.

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She was complaining about Camille talking to her boyfriend when she and Jayzam are not on good terms. She denied having any relationship with Jayzam but also admitted to sending some personal photos to him. Dambie also revealed that they have these past issues fueling the present ones that they have now.

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Seemingly drowned in her own waters, she heard a lesson from Tulfo who said that Camille is in the right place to get mad over her actions. In the interview and amid her complaint, her main concern is the critical comments from the netizens against her.

Nyca Bernardo was also in the program who complained about her name being dropped by Camille in her social media posts. She shared that she actually worked for them as an English subtitlist and that’s how she met Jayzam. They grew closer until she got attached to him. She all thought that Jayzam wanted to have a secret relationship with her because he was telling her that they’re just together for their vlogs and Camille accordingly also has “another guy”.

Camille also appeared in the program through a phone call and revealed her side about the complaints against her. Many people commended how fearless she was and they also symphathized with her considering the pain of being cheated on that she’s currently suffering from.


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