Dog Praised Online for Crossing in Pedestrian Lane: “Jaywalkers, watch this”

Dog Lauded By Netizens on Social Media for Crossing Using the Pedestrian Lane The online community praised a dog on social media who was caught crossing the road using a pedestrian lane. Road accidents are currently one of the most common transportation challenges, not just in the Philippines but also in other countries throughout the … Read more

Father Joseph Roura Chastised Online Over “Pamumulitika” in Homily

Father Joseph Roura Elicits Reactions Online for Including “Pamumulitika” in Homily Viral father Joseph Roura elicited reactions online for allegedly including “pamumulitika” in his homily showing his support to a certain candidate. Roura’s mass, which is well-known on social media, has become contentious, as it was supposed to be for Simbang Gabi, but it appears … Read more

Netizens Call Out NHCP vs Darryl Yap’s Film for Violating Flag Law

Netizens Appeal to NHCP to Probe Darryl Yap’s Film for Allegedly Violating Flag Law Some netizens are calling the attention of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) after director Darryl Yap’s film violated flag law. Netizens have petitioned the NHCP to study, assess, and act on Darryl Yap’s film “P*rnstar 2: Pangalawang Putok,” … Read more

Robin Padilla Drew Flak Online Over Photo with Flipped Philippine Flag

Robin Padilla Reacts After Criticized Due to Flipped Philippine Flag in His Photo Action star and senatorial candidate Robin Padilla defends himself after being criticized online due to the flipped Philippine flag in his photo. Robin shared a photo of himself kneeling kissing the ground on Facebook, a prostration that is done to worship, laud, … Read more

Netizens Launch Petition to Nullify Nobel Peace Prize of Maria Ressa

Online Petition Launched by Netizens to Nullify Nobel Peace Prize of Maria Ressa The online community has launched an online petition to nullify the Nobel Peace prize recently received by the Rappler’s founder Maria Ressa. The Nobel Peace Prize of journalist and founder of online news out Rappler should be revoked, according to an online … Read more

Jasmine Curtis Speak Out After Drew Flak Over Delivery Rider Complaint

Jasmine Curtis Clarifies Delivery Rider Complaint After Earning Criticisms Online JASMINE CURTIS – Actress speak out and explain herself after she drew flak online over her complaint against a delivery rider. After posting on social media about her anger with a delivery rider, Kapuso actress Jasmine Curtis received a mixed response from the internet community. … Read more

News Page Criticized Online for Highlighting “Guwapo” on Murder Report

Netizens Criticized News Page Highlighting “Guwapo” on Murder Report The online community slammed the news page on Facebook for highlighting “guwapo” (handsome) word on their report. A news station called Superbalita Davao posted a story on Facebook about a suspect who surrendered after murdering a 19-year-old victim. An attractive man turned himself into the police … Read more

“Adobo Violations” Trends Online Over DTI’s Standardization of Pinoy Dish

“Standardization of Adobo” Violations Trends Online After the Announcement of DTI ADOBO VIOLATIONS – The online community chastised the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) standardization of Filipino dish “adobo.” After the DTI organized a technical committee on Filipino cuisine, which attempts to standardize the recipe for adobo and other popular Philippine dishes, the “Standardazation … Read more

15-year-old Mother Promoting “Teenage Pregnancy” Criticized Online

Young Mother Criticized For Promoting Teenage Pregnancy On Socila Media A 15-year-old mother earned criticisms form the online community for promoting teenage or early pregnancy on social media. Teenage pregnancy is one of the most common problems among teenagers today, not only in the Philippines but in many other countries around the world. Early marriages … Read more