Armed Robber Squeals Like Pig After Failed Mugging Attempt

ARMED ROBBER SQUEALS LIKE PIG – An armed robbery in San Leandro, CA didn’t go as planned for two young men.

In broad daylight, the two men ran toward their victim who just got out of his car. Immediately, one of the robbers took out his gun and pointed it at the victim.

Afterward, the victim slowly backed away to his car. Thinking they had the upper hand, the armed robber left his guard down giving the victim the opportunity to fight back. Without hesitation, he launched a devastating right hook which disoriented the armed robber.

Armed Robber Squeals Like Pig After Victim Slams Him On The Ground

Then, he man-handles the robber and slammed him hard on the pavement. In the video, you could hear the robber screaming “Noooo! Okay! Okay!”. While on the ground, the victim pinned the robber causing him to squeal like a pig.

But, due to this defensive mechanism, people around the neighborhood took notice and thought the victim was the person who was acting violently. You could even hear one of the neighbors shouting “Hey! Let him go!”.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt during the incident and the robbers fled the scene leaving their gun behind. Here is the video uploaded to Reddit by user u/O_Farrell_Ghoul:

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