Workers Included In A4 Priority – Vaccine Priority Groups

List Of Workers Included In A4 Priority Group

WORKERS INCLUDED IN A4 PRIORITY – Here is the list of workers under the A4 COVID-19 vaccine priority list.

Recently, the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) released the list of subgroups of A4 or frontline workers in essential sectors. According to an article from Inquirer, the Department of Health (DOH) said A4 includes economic sectors with high levels of contact to the public.

Workers Included In A4 Priority – Vaccine Priority Groups

Furthermore, these could be people needed to ensure security, consumer, and worker safety, and individuals working in the government’s essential projects. Here is the list of subgroups included in the A4 vaccine priority list:

  • A4.2 – Frontline government workers in justice, security, transport, and social protection sectors
  • A4.3 – Public and private wet and dry market vendors; frontline workers in grocery, supermarkets; delivery services
  • A4.4 – Workers in manufacturing for food, beverage, medical and pharmaceutical products
  • A4.5 – Frontline workers in food retail, including food service delivery
  • A4.6 – Frontline government workers
  • A4.7 – Frontline workers in financial services
  • A4.8 – Teaching and related personnel in medical and allied medical courses of HEIs, including personnel handling laboratories
  • A4.9 – Frontline workers in hotels and accommodation
  • A4.10 – Priests, pastors, religious leaders regardless of denomination
  • A4.11 – Construction workers in government infrastructure projects
  • A4.12 – Security guards/personnel assigned in the establishments, offices, agencies, and organizations
  • A4.13 – Overseas Filipino workers not classified above, and scheduled for deployment within two months

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