Bea Alonzo Reveals John Lloyd Cruz Is Her First Romance But…

Bea Alonzo talked about her first heartbreak

Actress Bea Alonzo revealed that her first romance that she felt was with actor John Lloyd Cruz but there was a complicated story behind that.

Bea and John Lloyd are among the onscreen tandems who made it big on TV and in movies. Their characters Popoy and Basha in the romantic films One More Chance and A Second Chance are still well-loved by fans until now.

bea alonzo john lloyd cruz
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That is why many fans are anticipating their reunion movie this year and it is also a known fact that there are still those who are shipping them. Bea and John Lloyd are good at playing as a couple onscreen and that is perhaps the reason why some people think that they became a real couple off the screen.

Previously, rumors surfaced that Bea turned down John Lloyd when he tried to court her. The actress also had an intriguing answer in a past interview when she asked if she and JLC dated. Nevertheless, their friendship is still strong now.

However, the recent revelations of Bea Alonzo in her interview with Mega Entertainment presented another story about her and John Lloyd Cruz. “I loved him,” the actress said when she was talking about the guy who first caught her heart.

bea alonzo john lloyd cruz
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However, she said that she cannot pinpoint when exactly this happened. Bea admitted that she has been a fan of John Lloyd since Tabing Ilog days and it was an overwhelming feeling for her to be paired with the actor she admires.

“At that time, it was that and then it has transitioned to syempre a crush, and then nagpapadala ka sa mga holding hands. First (cinematic and real) kiss ko siya and so parang ganon, and then of course he disappointed me. Hindi ko alam may girlfriend na pala siya,” the actress shared.

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She added that she thought they were already a couple but John Lloyd was in a relationship already at that time. “Akala ko parang kami na,” Bea said.

John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo Movie

With that, John Lloyd became her first heartbreak. On the other hand, Bea said that her love for the actor has never stopped.

“Hindi ko alam kung saan ‘yun natapos and then naging friends na kami. Alam mo yung ganito sya eh, yung love nag-ta-transition siya into different forms. The love has always been there but I can’t tell you because I can’t speak for him. So I cannot tell you when it’s stronger or when it’s not. I can only speak for myself. Ngayon, feeling ko we’re at that point where, feeling ko, it goes beyond romance. To me ah,” Bea Alonzo explained.

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